About Us

Leah, CEO

Hi, I’m Leah, CEO and visionary behind Mimi’s Treats Boutique. While sitting on a plane returning from my honeymoon I started doodling on a napkin. Not realizing what I was drawing until I was done, I sat back in awe. I had just drawn a vision that had been on my heart, Mimi’s Treats Boutique.

I drew a store that would house not only my clothes but also my knack for baking (hence the treat part). I wanted to cultivate a place for mothers to come and purchase unique outfits for their little ones and where they could sit down, have a latte and a slice of homemade pound cake while debriefing from the stress of the day. Hello, motherhood is a pretty stressful job!

I grew up watching my mother sew and make clothes for my sister and I. I didn’t take much interest in it then but I was intrigued with the idea of creating things by hand. In 2010 my mother in law purchased a sewing machine for me. Once I got the hang of my machine the creations began to pour out. 

10 years later I’ve perfected my craft to share with the world. I hand pick each product that you see in the store. I hope you love it as much as I do!