Walking in My Son’s Shoes

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Welcome August!

Many lessons are learned each month. July taught me and my children so much.

Last month’s lesson was based heavily on behavior and making good choices. With the kids going to formal preschool in the fall, I wanted to make sure they didn’t roll up in there acting like they didn’t have home training LOL

I supplement my teachings of behavior with a book called Dante’s Good Choices by A. D. Thompkins. This book was written by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, BCBA. I’ve used this book off and on for the last year as a reminder of appropriate behavior in and outside of the home. It works for my children. The book teaches alternative ways to react to unsetting happenings in a child’s life. While this book was written about an autistic child, the principles still apply to ALL children.

My son is… passionate about what he likes and doesn’t like (and that’s putting it gently lol) When he is frustrated, he tends to yell, scream, kick… you know, typical toddler behavior. I’ve been working with him to show appropriate behavior when he is upset. I told him:


That’s a tough pill to swallow for an adult so imagine how difficult it is for a child to comprehend! My son recently made a bad choice and lost his privileges for a week. This was difficult for him and me because with no toys or tablet or fun, he needed me to occupy his time lol. I kept reminding him that his punishment was a direct result of his poor choice and he could not get out of it.

Fast Forward to Yesterday…

This mama got her VERY FIRST speeding ticket in the mail via traffic cam. Ya’ll it was too hurt and MAD! First thing out of my mouth was IT WASN’T MY FAULT, IM NOT PAYING THAT, I’LL CONTEST, THOSE CAMERAS ARENT ACURATE… Blah Blah Blah. During my pity party, I realized how much my son is just like me lol Learned Behavior if you will. I couldn’t weasel my way out of the ticket. I made a poor choice to drive over the speed limit and received a very EXPENSIVE consequence! I paid my ticket and walked away humbled.

The lessons you teach your children apply to you too. Practice what you preach.


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