Summon the Tooth Fairy

Posted by Leah Williams on

My sweet baby boy transformed last night from a baby nugget to a Young Boy! His tooth began wiggling the day before to everyone’s surprise. He is only 4 1/2 😱  I thought I had at least another year or two before this happened. 

His tooth fell out during dinner and I thought he swallowed it 😂 Between my screams and cry’s I found some composure and the tooth laying on the kitchen counter 🦷

He brushed his newly snaggled toothed mouth with such glee! He took the whole situation way better than me ...

We read an appropriate bed time story and grabbed our Favorite Joliyah Designs Tooth Fairy Bag.

After placing the tooth safely in the tooth capsule, included with the Joliyah Designs Tooth Fairy Bag, we tucked the bag safely under his pillow and he fell fast asleep...

The next day, to Josiah’s surprise, was a crisp new 5 dollar bill! Who knew you could get so much money for one tooth!

Make sure YOUR little ones 🦷 teeth 🦷 are safe in our Joliyah Designs Tooth Fairy Bag available now on our website! 

-This Message was Brought to You By 🧚‍♀️ TFOA (Tooth Fairy’s of America)


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