Preschool Time!

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I had a plan, like most moms, when I found out I was pregnant. Organic food, limited tech toys/ TV and HOME SCHOOL. Being a former teacher, I knew I wanted to teach my own children. 

As the years went by I realized that decision wasn’t as practical for my current work schedule. I managed to home school my twins for the first 4 years of life. During those years, I along with their grandparents, taught them the fundamental basics. They could spell their names by the age of 2, had vocabulary of well over 200 words, memorized over 100 animals, could recite their address and phone number, knew well over 10 geometric shapes, they’ve begun reading and writing, and the list goes on an on. I made it my mission to give my children a firm foundation before they entered traditional school. 

Now that the foundation has been laid the twins will be going to a traditional preschool this fall. Am I nervous... a little. Will they be prepared... Absolutely! They will benefit greatly from socializing with other children. I’ve taught them how to say “No thanks, I’m allergic” to foods from peers (they both have egg and peanut allergies). I’ve taught them to be kind and loving. I’ve instilled in them principles that will lead them when I’m not around. I'm so proud of these two. They are gifted and I am excited to see the plans God has for their lives.

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