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Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Change Part 6


Why do you want to intermittent fast? What are your goals?
For me, it was mental and physical. Mentally l needed to break ties with excessive emotional overeating. That tie had me bound for years and I hadn’t found a proper way to free myself. Physically I was overweight. Medically speaking, I was Obese.
Weight loss Picture
I lost weight with keto but gained it back when I stopped in May 2019
Last year I got a routine physical health exam. They drew blood and ran all kinds of tests. I remember going to the first appointment and the medical assistant checked my blood sugar. That had never happened before. I assumed it was routine. I was wrong. They’d seen something on my previous labs from a year ago and decided to follow up. They were looking to see if I was Pre Diabetic.... PRE DIABETIC... HUH?!? How did I get here? Not only was the CNP concerned with my blood sugar, she was concerned about something completely out of the ordinary. When my labs came back, I was told to make an appointment immediately. They saw something abnormal with white blood cells. She had concerns of... Leukemia... Not the kind of thing you want to hear from your physician. EVER
That health screening scared me to LIFE. How could I be in this predicament at 33 years old!? All I did was go in for a routine health screening and came out with the possibility of being diabetic with leukemia. I chose to get a second opinion, of course, because there was no bases for the leukemia scare (I no longer see that health professional because of that). But what if....
What if I was pre diabetic (a second set of labs proved that was incorrect too). Did you know that pre diabetes is reversible. How, you say? With dietary changes of course. I thank God I am NOT diabetic but my numbers were still elevated. I knew I needed to get the weight off. 

Life will sit you down and humble you quickly. For years I’ve struggled with maintenance of diet plans. But reality hit hard at the doctors office and all I could think of was my husband and children. My mother died when I was 21 years old. I never want my children to endure such pain and anguish. My diet was sending me into an early grave. I couldn’t process leaving my family behind all because I was selfishly eating my life away. 
Leah, the runway model circa 2009
There was an awakening in me the latter part of 2019. I did the decade challenge and realized how much I’d  physically changed. Yes, I was physically older and settled in life. Yes, I had twins. Yes, I have Diastasis Recti (separation of the large abdomen muscles from my twin pregnancy). But mostly I had excuses. It was easier to cope with food. It was easy to justify my weight because “I just had twins”. Truth was I was uncomfortably comfortable. I became uncomfortably comfortable with covering up with huge sweaters in the summer. Uncomfortably comfortable with my ties to food. Uncomfortably, Comfortable. 

After years and years of searching for the right plan, Intermittent fasting stuck. I am literally transforming right before my own eyes! I feel different. I look different. I think different. It’s incredible! I’m excited for my next health screening. I’m excited for my future. I’m currently in transformation mode! I can’t wait to take my “After” pictures. 

Download the Goal sheet in the link at the top of the page. Take time to write down what your health goals are. Come to grips with where you are and where you are headed. Change starts mentally. Writing down your vision helps you see where you want to go, just like a map. Map out your next steps. 

If you haven’t picked this up already.... I WROTE A BOOK!!! Well not just any book, I’ve created a 30 day fasting journal! I’ve found that holding myself accountable, these past 59 days, have really made the difference in my transformation. I want to help you too! Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for release information 🎉

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