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Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Change Part 5

Meal Planning For The Week

Grocery Haul
Who loves Aldi?! This gal here!! Aldi is my go to store for 90% of all my food necessities. Their products are affordable and the options are endless. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s close to me. I love both of those stores and whenever I’m near one, I tend to stock up on items I cant get locally.

Chopped Onions food prep

Meal Prep is normally done on Saturday or Sunday. Each week I try to change my food choices up so I don’t get bored with fasting. I prep breakfast, lunch/dinner and snacks. I normally drink a gallon of water a day (8 ct 16.9 fl oz water bottles or 1 gal jug). While fasting, I drink black coffee, tea (no sweetener), and water.

Meat/meat substitute are the heart of a meal. I switch between beef, turkey or chicken every few days. My side items are pretty consistent. It’s a MUST that I  have one or more green vegetables and it’s normally kale. I always add California Medley (mix of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots) garlic, and onion to my kale greens. It adds flavors and ups my veggie count. Smoked sausage and kale is absolutely delicious and filling. I make that god meal prep at least once every other month. 

Kale greens with carrot and cauliflower I make sure to include protein with my breakfast to keep me full at least 2-3 hours. Most food items geared for breakfast are full of sugar! You’ll end up being hungry within the 45 minutes of eating it! I keep it simple and it’s satisfying. 

My heaviest meal is lunch/dinner. I combine the two to sustain me during my fasting cycle. 

Veggie mix
On the weekends I juice for lunch. It’s a wonderful way to get your veggies in quick if you’re on a time crunch!

Breakfast smoothie

Meal Prep isn’t hard. You MUST meal prep if you plan on fasting. Eating clean isn’t hard either nor is it expensive. It’s doable.... so just do it 😁 Get yourself some cute Tupperware and go Grocery Shopping!

Whose ready for FREEBIE FRIDAY?!? I have a big announcement coming on Friday along with another digital freebie!!


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