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Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Change Part 4

I know you've heard the saying, "Fail to plan, Plan to Fail". No truer words have ever been spoken as it pertains to any type of dietary change! I am a planner by nature. I love making itineraries, jotting down to-do lists, or filling up my planner with all my weekly duties. Planning makes the transition from eating whatever, whenever to only eating within an 8 hour period, much smoother.

I've done several corporate fasts with my church ever since I was young. I remember doing a 16 hour liquid fast with my youth group as teen. The objective was to fast and pray for those who were hungry and homeless. By withholding food, they wanted us to try to walk a mile in the less fortunate's shoes. Not only did we pray but we were proactive by going into the community and serving the people. It was such an enlightening experience. While those 16 hours seemed like 24 hours to my 13 year old self, it made a positive impact that resonated with me 20 years later. The church planned this for us. They provided us with beverages. We were kept away from temptation (the fast happened during a sleepover at church). We all succeed because someone planned it out for us.

I've tried to fast before with no plan... Guess what... I ran out of food... forgotten my lunch and didn't have any healthy snacks at work... I've even quit out of frustration. 

Planning your fast means you are mentally ready to take on the task. The Intermittent Fast Journal was created to help you stay on track. It’s waiting for you HERE if you haven't downloaded it already 😉 This week I will show you how I plan, what I cook, and when I eat. I hope it will inspire you to hop on this lifestyle change!

This Friday is FREEBIE FRIDAY! I will have another digital download to help you effectively intermittent fast.

See Ya Wednesday!



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