Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Change Part 3

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Always check with your Primary Care Physician before participating in any type of diet change.

Who’s Ready to Fast?!

Learning new disciplines takes WILL POWER. You will be tested mentally and physically. Your stomach will growl and that’s ok. Start slow if you need to. Your body will eventually adjust to the absence of continuous food intake.

Here are the Fasting Options:

NEW KID ON THE BLOCK 16:816 hour fast period, 8 hour eating window

SMOOTH SAILOR 18:6 - 18 hour fast period, 6 hour eating window

BEASTMODE 20:4 20 hour fast period, 4 hour eating window

I hit the ground running when I first started fasting and opted for beast mode 20:4. Currently I interchange between 16 and 18 hours every other week. Make sure to stay within a fasting period at least a full week to get your body adjusted.


What Can You Consume During Your Fasting Window?


I’ve been drinking a gallon a day for so long that its second nature for me. Others I know have a hard time getting in 8 oz a day! If you don’t like to drink water, work on incorporating it into your diet before you start fasting. And NOOOOO you can’t drink flavored water. If it tastes sweet, even if its sugar free, you can not drink it. You can have BLACK coffee and green tea. ABSOLUTELY NO SWEETENERS 

What Do You Need to Consume During Your Eating Window?

Water and Foods from the Earth. That’s a pretty broad category but you can look at it like this: if mother nature created it, its probably acceptable to eat during your eating window. Load up on Green Leafy Vegetables. If eating vegetables is hard, you can always juice them! My twins consume the majority of their green (spinach or kale) or orange (carrots) veggies through juicing. I started them on “Hulk Smoothies” at 12 months and haven’t looked back!

As I stated before, I don’t intentionally block out certain food groups from my diet. I just eat them in moderation. In the beginning of my fasting journey, I’d limit certain foods and replaced them with vegetables. Cutting your sugar addiction is a necessary process. While I didn’t totally cut sugar, I limited it drastically. Over time I notice I wasn’t craving it that often. Now, if I want a piece of cake, I’ll eat it and move on. Unlike before where I would eat it every day after the initial craving. If I feel myself overthinking or wanting more of something I don’t need, I will drink water to help myself feel full. It works lol

I stayed away from fast food in the beginning. Once a week is understandable but to really see a change, give it up. Don’t make excuses for why you must eat it. Yes, I know they offer salads too, but most fast food salads have more calories than their burgers. Not worth it in my opinion. If you must justify the food you want to eat, you probably don’t need it!

Moral of the story EAT CLEAN and DRINK WATER!


Next Week We’ll Discuss Meal Prep! See ya then and Happy Fasting


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