Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Change Part 2

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Woo Hoo!! 50 Days Of Intermittent Fasting 😱 I’ve NEVER stuck with a plan this long. I’m over the moon.  50 days of consistently managing when I started and stopped eating. 50 days of forming new eating habits. 50 days of disciplined eating. Of all the programs I’ve done, this has been the easiest to adhere to.

How Has Fasting Changed Me?

As I stated before, my initial intent was to change my eating style. In 2019, I went through a traumatic event which led to emotional eating. I gained 23 lbs after having lost that amount the previous year 🤦🏽‍♀️ Weight loss had been so difficult for me since giving birth to my twins. Once I finally got back to pre-pregnancy weight, I felt like I’d gotten my  life on track. 2019 shook me and so many others. I coped with a spoon… a fork… and ice cream. As the pounds started to pack on, I became more and more embarrassed. Clothes stopped fitting... The muffin top was unbearable. My kids started to notice how jiggly my belly was 😂 Children are definitely truth tellers.  I knew I needed to make a change quickly!

I tried different fad programs, which I modified to accommodate my terrible eating habits, and of course nothing stuck. Mentally, I was still grieving the trauma I had experienced at the beginning of the year and wasn’t able to focus on anything else. What eventually led to a change was a mental shift in the latter months of 2019. I had mental clarity, something I had vehemently been praying for. Mental clarity is like driving through a thunderstorm and witnessing the clouds finally part with the Sun peeking through. Once I got to that clear head space, it was GO TIME!

I began my fasting journey with a 36 hour fast. After that was complete, I switched to a 20:4 fast for several weeks. This solidified a strong fasting foundation. Was it tough? Not as tough as I thought it would be. I knew that I wanted to make the change and because I had mental clarity, I didn’t have anything holding me back from achieving this goal. All my brain fog went away. With each passing day and each fast, things got easier for me.

What Do I Eat?

I’ve always loved vegetables so incorporating more of them into my diet wasn’t too big of a shift. Instead of having a plate full of meat and starch, I loaded my plate up with veggies first and added meat as a small addition. Aside from loading up on vegetables I reduced the amount of junk food I eat. I’ve also significantly reduced the amount of fast food I eat.

Intermittent fasting for me meant that I needed to meal prep. I normally meal prep on Sundays. One of my favorite meals  prep dishes to make is kale. Kale is chocked full of vitamins and necessary nutrients. To top it off, kale greens are DELICIOUS cooked. I make mine a few different ways. Sometimes I cook it with smoked sausage or with a California vegetable medley. No matter how I make it I normally eat it five or more days a week. 

I’ll be doing a meal prep blog next week to give you a better view of what I eat for a week.

Having done keto, whole 30, and the Daniel fast over the last few years I’ve learned how to affectively eat to lose weight. During each of those programs I did lose a bit of weight because they were restriction diets/programs. However, I learned that after the restriction diet was done, as soon as I incorporated those restricted foods back into my diet, all the weight would come back. Doing intermittent fasting has shown me I can eat a bit of what I want without completely restricting it. When I don’t restrict, I don’t binge eat. I allow myself to have treats without over indulging. Because my calorie intake has changed drastically, I don’t get bent out of shape for eating sweet treats or chips every now and then.

Sweets were always a struggle for me. Eating something sweet always lead to eating something else sweet which led to eating all things sweet. I knew I needed to break that habit in order to see a significant change. Because intermitting fasting restricts the time that you have to eat, you have to be intentional with what you eat in that time frame. Overeating junk food was no longer an option. That’s not to say that I haven’t had sweets during this time. What I have done is change the narrative and sweets are no longer the main character.

Documenting my fasts every day has been a lifesaver and has kept me on track with my goals. Every day I log in and out from fasting as if I were clocking in and out for work. This keeps me in control and aware of my progress. I created an Intermittent Fasting Journal worksheet that will be available for you guys to download on Friday!

I love to journal! I love to see how I've felt from day one all the way to now. Journaling is a beautiful reminder of how far I’ve come. It’s almost like an accountability partner. Writing everything down helps me since I am a visual learner. When I can see the change I’m making, it encourages me to keep going full speed. 

Are you interested in intermittent fasting? Stay tune for Friday’s blog and our free Intermittent Fast Journal template!

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