Harvest Season

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God gives us/equips us with just about EVERYTHING we need to succeed. Our job is to find deep within ourselves what we possess and use that as building materials.

I’ve been praying and asking God about what inventory to purchase, what direction to move and he keeps telling me, “You possess everything you need”. Over and over I ask the same question and it keep hearing it. He confirmed this through this weekend’s sermon and festivities.

We have an apple tree in our back yard. Year after year it produces fruit but I go to the store and purchase apples. I have all my needs right at home on my own tree, yet I’m purchasing apples outside of the home? Makes no sense and I realize that now. I decided to pick some apples and guess what.... They were the best apples I’ve ever tasted! Think honey crisp meets gala 🍎 It was sweet crispy and delicious.

Not all of the apples were in good shape. Some were riddled with rot and bug burrow holes. Many of the apples went to waste because I didn’t get to them in time. I didn’t tend to the tree all year. No pruning. No TLC. The tree produced some GOOD fruit but I didnt utilize it’s fruits to the fullest potential. If I had we cultivated and cared for the tree, it would have yielded a more robust harvest that I could have shared with others. 

If you don’t tap into your God given talent, you aren’t operating to your fullest potential. Make the choice to reach deep within yourself and cultivate your talents.  

What God has given me can’t be purchased.

It’s time to harvest the gifts that we possess 

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