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Food Allergy Chronicles: Trick or Treat 2019

For the first time in 4 years I allowed my twins to experience Trick or Treating!

To prevent over eating of treats, I collected all their candy and toys. They have to earn each piece by showing me good behavior!

One of the main reasons I didn’t allow them to participate for so many years was my upbringing. I wasn’t  allowed to trick or treat so I was just passing the torch and kept my kids from doing it.

I eventually had a change of heart ❤️ 

It was very easy to keep them disinterested in the holiday because they weren’t in school. Now that are enrolled in preschool, I decided to have a detailed conversation with them about the holiday. We discussed the scary aspects amongst other things.

Another reason I’d kept them sheltered from the holiday was their food allergies. Egg and Peanut are in most Halloween candies. I needed to create a game plan for myself and them to enjoy collecting candy but also be able to differentiate what they could and could not have. At the age of 4 they have amazing communication skills so they are able to let you know what they are allergic to. They also have incredible self discipline and know to give me or an adult all unknown treats to check for allergens if they aren’t sure.

I wanted to ease them into Halloween, since it was our first year, so we went to an All Inclusive Trunk or Treat. This event was hosted predominantly for children with disabilities, food allergies and autism.

What better way to start a tradition for them! A safe place to get allergen free treats and non edibles treats while being able to dress up and have fun! They even provided the twins with TEAL colored sacks which let the trunks know the kiddos with allergens. They were given soooo many options for treats and I didn’t feel like they were left out. 

There where characters dressed up, a bounce house, plenty of fully stocked trunks and petting zoo. Admission was only $5 per child and they left with LOADS of goodies! The event took place outside and thankfully it was seasonably warm that day for October so no need for coats! I was impressed with EVERYTHING! As an allergy mama I’m always so cautious and on guard for my kids and this All Inclusive event really gave me mental relief! 

On October 31 the twins dressed up for their preschool party but did not go trick or treating.

I’m not comfortable with them going door to door for treats because the #1 Halloween treat candy is peanut M&Ms and Reese lol. Most homes buy candy that is popular and do not cater to the needs of children with food allergies. Me and my crew will stick to trunk or treating for the next few years. I know sooner or later society will catch on!


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