Baby #3 is Here!!

Posted by Leah Williams on

10 months for pregnancy...

10 months of cravings...

10 months of an emotional, spiritual, and mental change....


She's finally here! My sweet baby love, MTB, is HERE! This twin mama now has 3 sweet babies to care for. Being a mom to a boy and girl, I had the best of both worlds. Two babies, different genders, one physical birth. I hit a home run the first swing at the bat. Seeing as how there isn't another gender, there wasn't a reason for me to conceive again... or so I thought.

Thoughts became a reality.


The MTB Birth Plan was written but you know those things don't always go as planned. 7 years planning in total. Revision after revision after revision then implementation. This up hill battle has led to a rediscovery of an inner strength and determination deep within me. 


Being the hands on mother that I am, I take the job seriously. I pour into ALL  of my children, nurturing, and cultivating each one of them. My time is stretched thin. My hours are long. My DRIVE, however, is unshakable. I can't wait for you all to see this baby grow. These three, THE BIG THREE, will change the world.

Stick around, there is so much more to come!

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