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Popular Allergen Free Candy and Non-Edible Treat Lists

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If you are planning to hand out candy this year, please consider being an all INCLUSIVE treat house. An all inclusive trick or treat house has non-edible and allergen free treats for children that have allergies. Children carrying Teal Pumpkin Buckets have some type of food allergy. That is your indicator to offer Allergen Free Treats.

Examples of Inexpensive Non-Edible Treats:

  • Small Bubbles
  • Sticker
  • Small Coloring Books w/ Crayons
  • Tiny Toys
  • Pencils
  • Rings & Bracelets

I love all of these non-edible options because they wont break the bank and you can usually get 10 or more in a pack! Kids LOVE bubbles and stickers so you can’t  go wrong with that.

Allergen free candy is becoming more and more popular which is SUPER AWESOME! The more aware we are of the different allergies that are out there, the more inclined we are to be inclusive.

Always error on the side of caution when purchasing any edible treats as they are NOT all created equal. In my experience, I've found that Aldi has several treats that, at a glance, appear to be allergen free but they aren't. For instance, Fruit snacks... One wouldn't think there were POSSIBLE TRACES OF EGG OR PEANUTS in a fruit snack but there are. Thankfully they have the allergen statement listed so all you have to do it read the ingredients list! The following list are treats that are MOST POPULAR to my twins and they have enjoyed!

Examples of EGG and PEANUT FREE Allergen Free Candy and Edible Treats:

  • Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops (Twin Favorite!)
  • Yummy Earth Organic Fruit Snacks (Twin Favorite!)
  • Black Forest Organic Treats (Twin Favorite!)
  • Annies Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks (Twin Favorite!)
  • Smarties (Twin Favorite!)
  • Air Heads (Twin Favorite!)
  • Dum Dums (Twin Favorite!)
  • Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers (Twin Favorite!)
  • Starbursts (Twin Favorite!)
  • Skittles (Twin Favorite!)
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Tootsie Pops
  • Caramel Apple Pops
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Ring Pop
  • Candy Corn
  • Dots
  • Lifesavers
  • Mike and Ikes
  • Push Pops
  • Pixy Stix
  • Most Fruit Snacks (READ LABELS Aldi Brands NOT APPROVED)
  • Popcorn Balls
  • Cheez Its
  • Pretzels
  • Chex Mix
  • Animal Crackers
  • Cheese Balls 
  • Potato Chips
  • Apple Sauce Pouch
  • Oreos






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