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Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Change Part 1

I’ve finally found, after searching FOR YEARS, a plan that works for ME! I’ve tried sooooo many different things but to no avail. I learned during those trial periods that I eat better within a set time parameter than trying to eat healthy throughout a full day.

I’m currently doing  the 16:8 meaning I fast 16 hrs and eat within an 8 hour time frame a day. Because I’m on this program, I realize the importance of eating HEALTHY because I only have 8 hours to consume my necessary nutrients.

No I’m not dying of starvation which is a common misconception. I’m eating to live now instead of living to eat.
I make conscious decisions everyday to eat whole and healthy. No more morning breakfast runs to Dunkin or McD to drink my daily calories with a morning Frappe, no more burger runs at lunch (even tho I still could do that if I wanted). My taste buds are changing and I’m not forcing or restricting myself, which use to lead to stress an going back to old eating habits.

There are several different types of fasts beginners can start with. Now the I’m 48 days in, I vary my fasts. I started out with a 36 hour fast and went into a 20:4 fast to become disciplined. Although that’s the hardest fast, I was determined to break habits. My fasting began at 7 pm and ended at 3 pm the following day. In the beginning it was difficult as I sat near the kitchenette at work and my coworkers lunches ALWAYS smelled so delicious!! I made it a habit to leave for lunch in an effort to flee temptation. 

Once I got the swing of things, I changed my fasting from 20:4 to 18:6. I made the switch to accommodate for holidays. I’m currently eating within the 16:8 fasting cycle and it fits perfectly with my busy mom schedule. I meal prep and eat most of my heavy meals at work and will snack before resuming fasting at 6 pm every night.


How has fasting changed me? What Do I eat!? Stay tuned for Part 2 

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  • Jasmine Barnes on

    Very helpful!! I struggle with fasting, but I like the idea of breaking it up the way you did so your not totally starving yourself. Look forward to reading the next about what you eat.

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